Friday, April 3, 2009

coming to my senses

I have this "wonderful?" ability to take bad news ,( or anytime Im scared) and talk myself into believing it is nothing. Welll im finally back into reality. The chiropractor is wonderful, but I am still driving myself sick worrying what is goign on with me. Monday I see a different neurologist and will have whatever tests preformed that need to be done. I dont like the idea of being under such emotional strain till then so the doc has prescribed some nerve pills I can take to help me handle real life and be able to eat and sleep as well. Its hard to admit, but Im a control freak and things like this that are not only out of my control but unknown drive me insane. Hopefully the tests all come back on the good side of things, but either way I need to know!

Thanks for your continued prayers!



  1. I am a worrier at heart and I hate to wait for Dr.'s and especially results!
    I'm glad your getting a second opinion!

    One thing that has helped "my" worry is I ask myself "Do you know that to be true?" Well no I don't but I worry so I have to ask myself that over and over again!

    I'll be thinking of you~

  2. Thanks ladies, it helps to have someone to "talk" to like this. :o) I just want my boring old life back... know what i mean?