Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crative frenzy...

So after a month of dry spell, I have finished the Hoonie ( with tissue box :oP ) and have created a poor little girl and her pet. She is definitley inspired by the blogs I have been reading and Mrs. Bo's orphanes. It somehow gave me permission to create something with more heart and a bigger piece of my soul and alot less cute. I am really pleased with the way she/they came out and pics will follow shortly. ( Im waiting for DH to have an evening off so he can help me modify the candle holder into a chair.)

And the most exciting part is the etsy shop he is going to help me set up. I seem to be about the most computer illiterate person I know, so him being able to help me do this is a God send!! And the best part is I dont even really care if they sell, its going to be hard to give them up if they do.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost done!

The little hoonie thats been hanging around my house is almost done. Im pretty happy with the paint job in general, just needs some touch up ( it seems one pupil is bigger then the other giving him a slightly drugged look..lol) Anyway, as soon as Im done with this post Im off to start on the Steampunk dolls head.. my favorite part! I love to sculpt faces and Im so excited about the metal pieces Ive found to use with her. Happy day