Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whats your least favorite part of doll making?

I must admit, if I could get away with it I would make every doll with his hands in his pockets or wearing mittens. I seem to have a problem keeping the scale down to size, at least four hands get made for every sculpt and even then Im not entirely happy!!! Love the faces, like the shoes, costuming is fun... but man oh man... I dont like doing hands!

Anyway, got them done today, just waiting for the shears to dry and I should have pics tomorrow for you. Then on to the boots!!


PS Its snowing as I write this. Yes the middle of April and the clouds have seen fit to dump 1/2 inch of snow in my yard. Im starting a petition for better spring weather... will you sign? :o)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing Walter

Heres my newest guy. Walter the Fairy fixer. The first photo is after paint, and then one with the base of the hat I am creating him. Im actually pretty happy with how that is working out, and you cant get much cheaper for materials! Enjoy. :o)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey look, an actual doll post!!

Kay, back to the life I want to lead right now. Im working on the hat for my steam punk dude tonight. Pics to follow tomorrow. Hopefully a little brown paper and some modgepodge can give me the leather look Im after. I did manage to get him painted ( I love those Genisis paints!) and I am rather proud of the way he looks so far. Maybe the girls will let me snap some pics in the am. I was just so excited to be back to doing something I actually want to do, I just HAD to share!!

Viva la Boring life!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Latest word is good!

Saw a new neurologist, wonderful man with an actual bedside manner! He was able to put my mind at ease and actually have already completed all but one of the tests I need to have done. Weird thing is everything is comming up neg. for MS and Im actually feeling much better. (Like my hand is back to about 80% of what it should be. ) At this point I really am thinking the stress that started this all combined with the stress the docs gave me made the whole thing much worse then it needed to be. Now I am more content and confident then I have been in a long time with my WHOLE life. Hmmm, seems things happen for a reason.... Gods plan makes sense!
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, I honestly did and do value them all. I have one more appt. comming up on the 20th and Ill let you know then the good news. For now, I have a steampunk piece that has been sitting on the side for WAY to long.


Friday, April 3, 2009

coming to my senses

I have this "wonderful?" ability to take bad news ,( or anytime Im scared) and talk myself into believing it is nothing. Welll im finally back into reality. The chiropractor is wonderful, but I am still driving myself sick worrying what is goign on with me. Monday I see a different neurologist and will have whatever tests preformed that need to be done. I dont like the idea of being under such emotional strain till then so the doc has prescribed some nerve pills I can take to help me handle real life and be able to eat and sleep as well. Its hard to admit, but Im a control freak and things like this that are not only out of my control but unknown drive me insane. Hopefully the tests all come back on the good side of things, but either way I need to know!

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

chiropractor is saving my sanity!!

Okay the long and short of it is this. I went to the doc and he basicly said ( in very long words) we dont know anything for sure. But you can have more tests and we'll see. I in the mean time lost 8 pounds in 8 days worrying about it. I made all the appt.s last friday and wasnt supposed to get the results until April 24. By which time even if I wasnt sick I would have made myself so with worry ( probably have ulcers and very high blood pressure by then.) SO ... monday I canceled everything and made an appt. with a chiropractor. He says there a muscle that will effect the nerves in your hand and mine is VERY tight. I knew I was stressed with family stuff, just didnt realize it was that bad. After the first treatment I could feel a difference. I am just so glad I refused the maybe direction we were going in.I guess it just goes to show sometimes you have to take your own healthcare in your own hands!